Full metal alchemist is still in the memory of many fans. Hiromu Arakawa's manga and the animated transpositions it creates are often referred to as the best of recent years, making Fullmetal Alchemist one of the top 5 anime of 2010. And always on the subject, various fan works of art appear on the net that were made by fans.

Yesterday we told you about a viral tweet stating that Maes Hughes is an impossible character to hate. The full metal alchemist's lieutenant unfortunately lost his life through Envy after discovering a conspiracy by the army. A tweet that went viral and also caught the attention of other fans, and one of them responded with delicate and touching fan art.

The protagonist of this full metal alchemist drawing, which you can also see in the tweet below, is the one Daughter of Maes Hughes, Alicia. The little girl was still a child at the end of the manga, but a fan decided to imagine her as a new member of the army in a more distant future. With the usual blue uniform Girl brags about her father by showing everyone her photo, a bit like the parents, bragged about the family he had everywhere.

Brayan's illustration strikes by swapping roles between father and daughterWould you have liked to see such a scene in Fullmetal Alchemist?

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