Confirmed reports have elevated the status of Ubel Blatt from renowned manga to prospective anime, courtesy of its creator, Etorouji Shiono. An unintended leak by Monthly Big Gangan, a Square Enix publication, corroborated the anime adaptation. Visual evidence was disseminated among fans, reinforcing the authenticity of these claims.

The details concerning its production and premiere date elude public knowledge at present.

Shiono's Extensive Portfolio

Begun in December 2004 and concluded in March 2019 with twenty-three volumes, Ubel Blatt is now succeeded by Ubel Blatt II: Shiseru Ou no Kishidan. Beyond this series, Shiono is recognized for Jinrui Sonbou Cockpit Girls, and Deep Insanity: Nirvana, amongst others.

"Ubel Blatt" is going to be an anime. Thus, Shiono's story will jump to the visual stage, taking the action and intrigue to another level. Details are still in the shadows, but that only fuels curiosity. While we wait for more info, it's time to spread the word.

Talk to your friends, comment on networks, the waiting starts now! With "Ubel Blatt II" also on the way, there's a lot to be excited about.

Protagonist's Background

In Ubel Blatt, Ascheriit stood out as an exceptional swordsman, revered as Blatt Meister. Entrusted with a mission to defeat the malicious entity of Wischtech, he and his companions were armed with lances bearing the Emperor's favor.

A narrative of conflict and betrayal ensued, culminating in an act of treachery against Ascheriit. This deceit catalyzed his transformation into Koinzell, intent on exacting vengeance upon those who falsely accused him of treason.

Synopsis of Ubel Blatt

The story, which begins about twenty years before the beginning of the manga, tells how Koinzell, then called Ascheriit, was a young and prodigious swordsman whose skill granted him the legendary title of Blatt Meister (literally "Master of the Sword"). His exploits made him one of fourteen chosen by the ruling emperor of the Szaalenden Empire to venture on a dangerous mission to defeat a powerful invading enemy known as the evil nation of Wischtech, of which the many powerful engines of destruction and dark sorcery made a dangerous enemy. Armed each with a spear blessed by the Emperor himself, and thus known as the Fourteen Lancers, the chosen ones traveled far into the enemy's devastated landscape, losing three of their ranks to the dangers of the land, until they reached a forest where seven of the remaining eleven decided to give up their mission, fearing for their lives.

However, Ascheriit and three of those still determined to follow the Emperor's will continued, and incredibly accomplished their feat, returning victorious. It was then that the seven who abandoned the mission ambushed their companions and massacred them. Returning home, they told the Emperor that the four they had killed had turned traitors against them, and after dispatching them, the seven completed the task. Thus, they were hailed as heroes and nicknamed the Seven Heroes, while the four murdered became symbols of betrayal and received the nickname Spears of Betrayal. Thus, the story narrates the journey of Ascheriit, who did survive the massacre and swore to take the head of his fellow traitors, now powerful nobles and warlords hailed as saviors by the people.

The forthcoming anime promises to encapsulate the intricate plot and richly detailed universe of Ubel Blatt. Fans can prepare for a series imbued with action and veiled stratagems, as Koinzell's journey to retribution is soon to be shared visually.

© 塩野 干支郎次 (著) / スクウェア・エニックス SQUARE-ENIX

© Etorouji Shiono / SQUARE-ENIX

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