Many nominations in Japan and in the rest of the world, won many awards, including important ones and much more: The popularity of Freeze: After the end of the journey, known by the name at home Sousou no freezing (Freezing of funerals), still growing, but not yet at its peak. The fantasy story will definitely catch up with the anime.

After so many rumors chasing each other over the past few months, Frien's anime was made official in early September 2022, with a project that will bring the elf sorceress to small screens. So far no great information has been given and even now the juiciest details are awaited. That has now emerged Freeze is coming in 2023. There is therefore an exit window, which is the entire next calendar year, but it's logical to think that the anime won't arrive until the second half of the year.

But now we're celebrating. The audience finally has an orientation date and the author couldn't help but celebrate Freeze with a special illustration. Artist Abe Tsukasa took this picture with Freeze, Fern and Stark watching the hero Heaven through a magic screen in his youth. The illustration in question is available in the post below.

Are you happy for the arrival of the anime of Freeze: After the end of the journey?

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