Shinra Kusakabe not only stops the Evangelist and the White Hoods, but is also constantly on the lookout for his brother Sho, who disappeared at the end of his exciting battle in the Nether. But why was he absent everywhere? second season of Fire Force?

In Fire Force's second season episode 22, available for streaming on Yamato Animation's YouTube channel, Shinra and Arthur battle Dr. Giovanni while the rest of Company 8 look for a way to reverse an impending explosion. . But suddenly the crazy antagonist does a revelation about Shoand sent the protagonist in anger.

""The pillars must be in Sho before the Great Disaster strikes"says the doctor. After hearing these words, Shinra reaches a similar speed and power received with the Grazie dell'Adolla.

Sho last appeared during the Fire Department's previous trip to the Nether. After the Adolla connection with Shinra, the young man began doubt the words of the evangelist, but surprised by Haumea, is again submitted to his will.

To prevent his rebellion, Haumea transformed Sho into a kind of catatonic doll;; According to Giovanni's words, Shinra's brother still seems to be in this situation. Will he come to his senses when he meets his brother? Meanwhile, a fan of the series has joined the cast of Fire Force. Princess Hibana sets fans on fire in this Fire Force cosplay.

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