Born from the mind of Stan Lee and the pencil of Jack Kirby in 1966, I. Fantastic Four were the first true superhero family to appear on the Marvel Comics pages, and thanks to the regular series and numerous crossovers, it has won millions of readers and the new Antithesis series seems to have big changes for them.

Signed by two very important names in the industry, Mark Waid and Neal AdamsHistory promises to resume the tones that introduced us to Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben more than 50 years ago, while retaining a number of modern elements, such as the human torch that frequently uses hashtags for effective jokes .

The style Adams uses when drawing the Fantastic Four is a clear indication of the design chosen by Kirby and Lee for the group's first adventures. The only one who experienced major changes was Ben Grimm, who moved away from the rockier aspect of the origins and took on an almost Simian face.

Below is the official description of the first edition: β€œThe story begins with the Fantastic Four fighting to prevent extinction on Earth by moving to another planet. We all know Galactus, but no one has ever met its antithesis. " On the cover of Volume 1 and on the table below, in addition to the Fantastic Four, we also find a famous character, Silver surfer.

Recall that Marvel recently unveiled the new design of the Fantastic Four and Sue Storm gained a new power.

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