Over the course of the 63 volumes of fairy taleand in the sequel, currently running in the pages of Magazine Pocket, readers have witnessed the development of the relationships between the characters, seen their predictions about the couples that would form come true, and that Hiro Mashima always reminded them by dedicating some special illustrations.

Based on the latest drawing starring an irresistible Rebecca Bluegarden alongside Shiki Granbell in the Edens Zero series mangaka Hiro Mashimaparticularly active on social networks, he wanted to pay homage to the couple of Gerard Fernandez and his childhood friend and later partner Elsa Scarlet, an S-class sorceressPart of the Fairy Tail guild and the protagonist Natsu's team.

Despite appearing as cold, stern, and in Gerard's case, particularly tormented characters, the two have forged a relationship that is sure to win over many fans of the series and remain one of the most popular couples of the stories spawned from Mashima's mind. The author has therefore opted for this in the illustration that you will find below portray her in a tender embrace. Let us know what you think in the comments section. To finish, we leave you with a great cosplay of Elsa in armor and confirmation of an animated adaptation of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

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