Eva's story really ended after 14 years with Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0It landed on Amazon Prime Video recently, with a final film full of information and closely related to Hideaki Anno's relationship, personal growth compared to the original series, and his wife Moyoco Anno.

In the film, topics such as interpersonal relationships, which were further developed in this last feature film, are again treated with the usual sensitivity and delicacy. However, one of them was more formal than sentimental, namely the one between Kaworu and Kaji which will be during the 14 years of the time leap Commandant and Deputy Commandant of Nerv.

Because of the different Visions of Gendo and Soulas they both want to unleash something else A hit To achieve its goals, during those 14 years of narrative hole the organization dismisses Ikari and Fuyutsuki from the tip of Nerv, replacing Kaworu in their place, who accepts the assignment to personally inspect the coffin of 01 with Shinji in orbit and Kaji. In addition, the role of the latter will be central as it is the activation of a. will prevent A hit to sacrifice one's own life.

However, more details on the time jump could follow in the future, as Hideaki Anno announced that he would like to deepen this 14-year gap. Instead, what do you think of the film, did you like it? Let us know with a comment below.

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