After the success of the television series The MandalorianBaby Yoda has literally become a meme. In recent months, fans have inserted the character everywhere with fan art, fan fiction and cosplay of all kinds and today, on the day of the release of the last issue of Empyre, Marvel has officially created a connection between Yoda and the Fantastic 4.

Empyre: Fantastic Four # 0 is the fourth issue of the series, after Incoming !, Road to Empyre: The Kree / Skrull War # 1 is Empyre: Avengers # 0. We remind you that the story sees the Avengers and the Fantastic 4 team up to face an alien invasion.

The story of Empyre: Fantastic Four # 0 begins with the Fantastic 4 stuck on an alien planet after running out of fuel. While the adults deal with more important matters, Franklin and Valeria Richards (children of Mister Fantastic and the invisible Woman) use their powers to win a huge sum in the casino, thus managing to make an agreement to leave the planet. But how did two minors get into such a place? As you can see below, Franklin pretended to come from a place where aging occurs very slowly.

Next, the sister asks the firstborn: "I can't believe it worked, how did it come to your mind?"To which Franklin replies:"Baby Yoda. If he can be 50 he ...".

And what do you think of it? Are you going to recover this series? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below!

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