Recently EDENS ZERO had an incredible surge in popularity caused by the animation announcement. Mangaka Hiro Mashima said the manga could run longer than originally planned.

The creator of Fairy Tail admitted this surprising detail during an interview with Mantan Web. According to reports, EDENS ZERO should have lasted about thirty volumes, but the continuation of the conspiracy would have spurred Mashima and given new impetus, which is now ready to continue its work.

""At first he thought that EDENS ZERO should last 30 volumes, but it couldn't end there because the ideas keep coming to him one after the other and the more he draws, the more fun he has"was revealed in an excerpt from the interview.

EDENS ZERO currently has a total of 12 published volumes. So if the series really ended on volume thirtieth, we would be on now almost half the job. Apparently, however, this will not be the case and fans will continue to experience the adventure of Shiki and Rebecca peacefully. Hiro Mashima also revealed that family, war and friendship will be the next topics of EDENS ZERO. Here are the words of the mangaka following the release of EDENS ZERO's first trailer.

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