There are few titles of Japanese origin that like Dragon ball they entered popular culture so strongly. Indeed, Toriyama's masterpiece has accompanied the growth of entire generations of enthusiasts and continues this task in its direct continuation to this day.

It takes little or nothing for the franchise to go viral again on the web, as evidenced by this scene between the Super Android C-13 and Goku on Apple TV that was recently shown around the world. However, in order to capture the various dedicated communities, we often think of the manifestations of creativity or the Dragon Ball-themed tributes fans occasionally dedicate to the series, be it illustrations, cosplay or even tattoos.

On the latter point, one fan recently shared on Reddit in that regard, a certain one mastrroshi, his newest Tattoo dedicated to the prince of the Saiyans. In particular, the user wanted the Vegeta's sacrifice against Majin Buu, the most sincere and moving gesture by Goku's rivals to remove the threat posed by the monster freed from Babidi. A gesture by a true hero who consecrated the prince so directly to the most popular characters of the entire audience.

And you instead, what do you think of this tattoo that you can find at the end of the news? Let us know with a comment below.

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