Along with the Galick Cannon and the Big Bang Attack, Final Flash is one of Vegeta's most famous techniques. The Saiyan Prince's last lightning bolt was used several times over the course of the opera and honored in the new collectible statue from KD Collectibles. We are dedicated to admiring this fantastic piece Dragon Ball Z.

Final Flash is one of the moves more than Vegeta and was first used during the fight with Perfect Cell. In this case, the Saiyajin prince generated such a powerful energy attack that it can also be admired from other planets. Although he tore the upper body of the antagonist completely to shreds, the cyborg was still able to regenerate. Since then, the Final Lightning has also appeared in Dragon Ball GT and then Dragon Ball Super.

To hurl this technique, Vegeta pulls his arms away from his body and opens his palms outward. Once you've gathered all of the energy it takes, join your hands together and create one powerful attack which is thrown at the opponent.

The Saiyan Prince's last lightning bolt was depicted in a collectible figure from KD Collectibles. At a scale of 1: 4 and 47 centimeters high, the statue is available in two versions. The first, the normal one with a price of 825 euros, sees Vegeta Super Saiyan 2 with wide arms, while the second, the EX model from 895 euros, contains an alternate bust in which the prince is about to launch the attack. Both versions are equipped with LEDs. Publication is planned for the second quarter of 2022, but pre-orders are already possible. What do you think of this miracle?

Here are all of Vegeta's techniques, from the worst to the most devastating. Finally, we'll leave the focus on all of the different styles of Vegeta to you. Which one do you prefer?

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