Yesterday, January 19, 2021, The Funko Fair 2021 has started, the latest edition of the fair dedicated to Funko Pop. The event lasts ten days, showing the new puppets dedicated to the world of video games, cinema, television series, etc. Today, January 20th, it was the turn of the souls. and especially to Dragon Ball..

At the moment the announcements are not yet finalized, however A few moments ago, eight new Funko Pops were introduced with the characters from Toriyama's work, one of which is already sold out. Below are all the news available in North America from May and arriving in Italy in the near future.

Among the many Most hit was that of Gohan Super Saiyan of the first stage, pictured devouring a plate of pasta. This is the third piece of Funko in this genre after it was dedicated to Goku and Vegeta in its basic form last year. Among other things, the first Funko Pop of the Supreme of Namec was announced.

For those unfamiliar with them, we remind you once again that the Funko Pops are collectible toys made from environmentally friendly plastics. These products showcase certain characters from movies, anime, and TV series with style vinyl (as in this case) or Bladder heads. Each doll is approximately eight inches tall and the price varies depending on the type chosen.

And what do you think? Which one do you like better? Let us know with a comment!

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