The Freeza saga gave fans some unforgettable moments and made this story one of the most popular, not just from Dragon Ball Z, but from all of Akira Toriyama's work. In this magnificent collector's statue we relive the beginning of the epic on Planet Namek.

The character created by White Hole Studio is based on one of the earliest and most iconic scenes in the Freeza sagaAs soon as they land on the planet Namek, Gohan and Krillin discover that the evil tyrant already has four dragon balls.

Flanked by his elite soldiers Dodoria and Zarbon, Freeza is on the lookout for him Spheres of the planet Namek to fulfill his wish. In his first form, he moves aboard the flying ship to leave the dirty work to his two men, which Vegeta later eliminated both of them.

The 40 centimeter high collector's statue is available in two versions: the normal version with the aforementioned trio and the EX version with Kyui, a less notorious member of the Freeza elite. The price is 620 euros or 720 euros.

And which of the two editions would you most like to buy? Meanwhile, Piccolo and Freeza look like two aliens in this Dragon Ball Z fanart. The legend of Goku comes to life in this awesome Dragon Ball Z fan movie.

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