Dragon Ball VS The attack of the giants, a conflict that doesn't exist on paper and never will exist. It is difficult to bring two different worlds together with a crossover, especially if the intellectual property is from different publishers - in this case Shueisha or Kodansha. However, fans can combine them at will.

By now, those who became passionate about these characters have developed the skills necessary to let their imaginations run wild and create battles that canonically never be repeated. Meanwhile we all have the clashes between Goku and Superman or the one against Saitama under our eyes, instead the passionate animator Tom Barkel has one Video in which Vegeta and Eren Jaeger meet.

The Saiyan Prince from Dragon Ballwith his early Z-series armor and the arrogance that set him apart, must face the young soldier from Eldia what turns into the attack giants. The video is a few seconds long but is well done, but work is still in progress. Even so, in his opinion, the animator has already shown who is the strongest. Vegeta easily blocks a blow against Eren and then decides to transform into Oozaru, starting a fight that is sure to win.

The giant's strength may not be enough to defeat the power of the Saiyajins, let alone the prince of that kind of warrior who destroyed the galaxy far and wide.

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