Recent events in the manga series have changed Dragon Ball Super's power levels. In the last story arc, several protagonists who are known as the strongest in the universe have appeared one after the other. but There is anyone who can defeat Beerus?

Bierus is one of the strongest characters ever introduced in the work and his extraordinary strength is feared by everyone who knows him. In his debut, the God of Destruction defeated all Z-Warriors in a matter of moments, including Goku Super Saiyan 3, his strongest transformation at the time. Even against Goku Super Saiyan God, Beerus didn't use his full power, thus demonstrating his superiority. But is there anyone else besides Lord Zeno who can currently beat him?

Over the course of the manga series, Beerus turned out to be a maybe the most skillful god of destruction among those present in the 12 universes. Capable of disintegrating entire planets with a simple handshake, it possesses strength, speed, and reflexes superior to anyone.

However, the recent story arc of the manga introduced numerous quite skillful warriors. Do those who became the strongest in the universe through the Dragon Balls stand a chance against Beerus?

gas and cereal they could not yet reach their full powers, and for this reason they would not have escaped in a possible duel with Beerus and would have been disbanded in a short time. Then we have to take that into account Black Freezer, who turned out to be stronger than Goku and Vegeta in just a few punches. How would he fare against Beerus?

Among the Z-Warriors of Universe 7 would be the only ones able to oppose Beerus Brolywho trains to control his almighty anger, Vegetawho has yet to learn how to make the most of the Ultra Ego, e.g Son Goku, which deals with learning Ultra Instinct. Beerus isn't yet able to fully utilize the Ultra Instinct, and he would have a lot of trouble against this trio of fighters. Currently, however, the god of destruction is still superior in individual comparison. Beerus could be Dragon Ball Super's final villain, and sooner or later Goku will have to face him. At the moment, only Gogeta or Vegetto could face Beerus.

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