The first chapter of the new story arc of Dragon Ball Super laid the foundation for future training of Goku and Vegeta to improve mastery of Ultra Instinct and learn the techniques of the gods of destruction. In addition, Granolah himself showed an interesting ability that one of them is the strongest warrior in the universe.

The Whis and Beerus revelations paved the way for new improvements for the two Saiyajins, who have now become the absolute protagonists of the series, and given the prophecy of the oracle fish, it soon seems to reveal himself as the most powerful being in the universe.Here is a list of characters who cover this role could.

Of course, a hypothesis will still be found, and perhaps obviously Goku can use Ultra Instinct perfectly, with greater mastery and probably the achievement of a higher level of divine technique typical of the angels. The counterpart to this hypothesis obviously intervenesVegeta's learning the techniques of the gods of destruction.

Given the importance of Granolah's character, it could turn out and be shown to be extremely powerful additional unique skills and powers of the Ceruleans. Given the new saga's connection with the previous one, it wouldn't be surprising to see the promising student of Goku's final return. the young Uubwho played a crucial role in the final blow with which Goku defeated Molo and who, as the reincarnation of Majin Buu, is one of the most powerful men in the world. With the debut of Granolah the Heeters, this group of criminals was also introduced, among which he is Gas that looks a lot like Kid Buuand that he could defeat Granolah and show himself to be an incredibly skilled fighter.

The last three hypotheses relate to the return of very important characters in the past, that is, Lord Freeza, who is not new to unprecedented forms. the Super Saiyan from legend Broly, Canon made by the final film in the franchise, after which speculation and theories about its particular transformation arose, and finally a warrior who has now become marginal, Supreme Gohanwho actually had little space in the series but remains one of the best fighters despite not taking advantage of the Super Saiyan transformations.

What do you think about it? Who do you think will be the best warrior in the universe? Let us know with a comment below. We recall that the return of an antagonist shocked the criminal universe and leave the new details regarding the OG-73 threat.

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