The multiverse of Dragon Ball Super is extremely large, and as we saw during the Tournament of Power and in other sagas, there are creatures that are very different from those featured in Dragon Ball Z, and recently Toyotaro, the series’s main artist, decided to do a significant sketch to devote a marginal character.

It's more precisely that Shisami, one of the survivors of Lord Freeza's army, appeared during the film The Resurrection of F and also in some episodes of Dragon Ball Super. As Toyotaro himself explains in the picture you can find at the bottom of the news that @DBSChronicles shared on Twitter, where he comments: "I don't think Mr. Toriyama's design was shoulder view, so the high buttocks probably derived from the playfulness of the anime staff."

Then there is also a message of hope for the coming months: ""2021 is the year of the oxSo I drew Shisami as it is probably based on an ox. I hope it's going to be a good year. " The animal in question after the Chinese zodiac on which the Japanese is also based, stands for prosperity, commitment and the strength of one's own spirit, all aspects that will help us to overcome this very special time.

What do you think of Toyotaro's devotion to Shisami? Let us know with a comment below. Recall that chapter 67 introduced the new villain Granolla and we leave you with the details of how to punish Beerus after some events in the Molo saga.

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