After the dishonorable defeat of Goku, who again proved to be an unskilled and simple fighter, it is Vegeta to challenge Granolah. Finally in Dragonball Super The Saiyan prince has the right opportunity to prove his worth, lift his ego and make it clear to the whole universe that he is not inferior to anyone.

First, Vegeta Granolah tries to explain that Freezer’s army no longer existsthat the only surviving Saiyans are him and Kakarot, and that his race has also been exterminated. The cerealian does not want to believe these words, however; the only way to convince him is by violence.

Vegeta therefore immediately starts the attack, but there Speed ​​of execution of Granolah It’s surprising. The Saiyan prince cannot keep up with his astonishing speed and immediately gets into trouble after a brief exchange of blows.

Warrior Z realizes that he is inferior and at this point relies completely on his Saiyan warrior instinct. With each hit, Vegeta seems more and more on the verge of doom, but more at the same time convinced of his abilities and the fact that you can outclass your opponent.

As he himself said every single hit helps him improve. Even in combat, Vegeta does not stop training, in contrast to Granolah, who never trained and received his extraordinary strength solely through the wish for the Dragon Balls from Granolah.

When the cereal hits one of its vital points, it’s Vegeta ready to give 100%. With what Beerus has learned, he shows his new form. Here is the reaction and social tribute to Dragon Ball Super’s new transformation.

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