From the end of the anime Dragon Ball greatIn March 2018, the fanbase continues to cry out for the return of the adaptation and see how some of the series' best scenes will be portrayed. According to new insider details, the return would be pretty close.

As you can see from the post reported below, shared on Twitter by @DBSChronicles, it does appear to be the case subsequent episodes to the Survival of the Universe saga are already in production and will be broadcast weekly from from a generic 2023. In addition, as already revealed from the interviews with the master Akira Toriyama following the release of the last film, a new film is already in the pre-production phase and we can assume that it will be set after the events narrated in Dragon Ball Super: Superhero.

Before you end the message with a "that's all for now"Pending future leaks and details, the insider stated that TOEI Animation would have plans to do so release a Dragon Ball movie about every two to three years. This information, combined with another insider's post regarding the anime's resumption, seems to finally confirm that we will see Goku, Vegeta and the others in action soon, in an adaptation that will be brought to the screen. some of the most celebrated moments from Dragon Ball Super, particularly regarding the saga of the prisoners of the Galactic Patrol and the wizard Molo. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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