The eternal fight between Goku and Vegeta is a rivalry that is no longer played only on the battlefield, but also outside of the manga itself. In fact, Shonen Jump readers were asked to respond to the new popularity poll and determine the audience's current favorite character.

Finally in the last chapter Toriyama and Toyotaro they gave Vegeta the whole stage for him Confrontation with Granolah, Battle that the Saiyan prince fought with strategy and an ace hidden up his sleeve. Our hero actually learned one new divine technique from Beerus which seems to have brought him very close to a god of destruction like Toppo during the Tournament of Power saga.

And it's probably due to the manga's latest implications, though Vegeta managed to win the latest popularity poll announced by Shueisha and finally surpasses eternal rival Goku. The ranking in question is therefore:

  1. Vegeta
  2. Goku
  3. Gohan
  4. Goku black
  5. Future tribes
  6. Beerus
  7. Whis
  8. C-17
  9. Freeza
  10. Krillina
  11. Granolah
  12. Moro
  13. C-18
  14. Zamasu
  15. The those
  16. Cabbe
  17. Bulma
  18. Oracle fish
  19. Jaco
  20. Never the future
  21. OE73-i
  22. Macki
  23. Elec
  24. gas
  25. oil

Several characters are missing from the roll call who did not even manage to earn a place in the ranking, such as Piccolo, Goten and many others. Interesting, however, is how readers ultimately voted Vegeta the best Dragon Ball Super character yet. And do you, on the other hand, agree with this ranking? Tell us your personal top 5 in the comment field.

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