The Dragon Ball Super anime first and the Toyotaro manga of the same name then introduced many characters, many of whom came from the newly formed Multiverse. Goku and Vegeta had a taste of the techniques and skills of these very strong warriors in one of the first phases of the anime, then replying with the Tournament of Power.

Here they were forced to face the fearsome Jiren, the one who most distinguished himself for strength, technique, ability and speed during the battle for the destinies of the universes called by Zeno. One of the most important and fierce battles between fighters from almost all existing universes was thus staged in the Dragon Ball Super World of Nothing.

Jiren has faced Goku and Vegeta several times during this battle and the fan Ruto830 decided to take a cue from a scene to make a fan art from Jiren's point of view. In the tweet we can see at the bottom there is a synchronized attack by Goku and Vegeta, both in Super Saiyan Blue state, but the whose blows seem to do nothing to Jiren who easily parry them with the back of his arms.

It is not the first time that Ruto830 has dedicated itself to a fan of art in Point Of View dedicated to the world of Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball in general: we remember one of the most beautiful with the defeat of Buu at the hands of Goku. Maybe we'll see Jiren again in Dragon Ball Super 2, always if the second season of the anime is produced by Toei.

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