Once the Freeza saga was archived, the heroes returned to Earth, even if they were without Goku. After a few years from a different timeline, Trunks, son of Bulma and Vegeta, came to warn of the arrival of a new threat: the Red Band androids. The two then became important allies who are still in Dragonball Super.

Dragon Ball fans have always asked themselves a lot of questions about androids, from their power source to all kinds of oddities. As people C17 and C18, they were called Lapis and Lazuli, the name of which was revealed by Akira Toriyama. but the author has never officially announced the age of C17 and C18. How old could the two Red Ribbon androids be?

Joking with his niece Marron, C17 reveals that he is only 17 years old. Obviously it’s a joke given the time he’s present in Dragon Ball Super, but in reality the android could be referring to the age at which it was turned by Doctor Gelo along with his sister. Her age will therefore be much higher than her physical age, which is now almost blocked, as Toriyama reveals.

Assuming you were really transformed at 17, how old could you be now? Given the advancement of the creations of Doctor Gelo, who had created C8 when Goku was a kid, Lapis and Lazuli could be about the same age as the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super when they turned into dangerous cyborgs. The arcane is sure to last for years to come before Toriyama reveals more of these characters’ secrets.

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