A new supreme fighter was born on the planet Cereal. Thanks to the wish for the dragon Toronbo, gas has become the most powerful in the universe and even surpasses the immeasurable potential of Granolah. The latter, however, seems determined to reclaim the throne of the fittest: Here is his anger in a color artwork by Dragonball Super 79.

Given the imminent debut of the next chapter in the work of Toyotaro and Toriyama, the first leaks were spread online. On the Dragon Ball Super 79 spoiler pages, we see the story pick up where we left off.

Found thelast senzuRemaining safe in his combat suit, Vegeta confides the fate of Cereal and the Saiyajins to Granolah. Though doubtful, the avenger swallows the beanstalk. Healed of his wounds in the course of the clash with the prince, he is ready to face the responsible for his mother's death and the extinction of his race.

After Granolah saved Monaito from Maki and Oil aggression, rushes to Goku, now at the end of his tether. From the enemy who wrested the title of the strongest in the universe from him, explodes with anger, almost like turning into something like a Super Saiyan.

this hypothetical next switch-on immediately caught the attention of fans who paid tribute to the spoiler design. As you can see in the tweet at the end of the article, a user created one based on the leakkata table beautiful color version. So here's how Granolah's rage might appear in an anime version.

In your opinion, is this the start of a Granolah transformation? We leave you to a different colored work of art, this time officially. This is what Vegeta's ultra ego looks like, according to Toyotaro.

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