Between the pages of Dragon Ball Super The Molo saga is finally over. Let's find out how Goku and his friends celebrated their victory against the evil wizard.

After an exhausting fight, the protagonist of the manga drawn by Toyotaro is in the use of Ultra Instinct thanks to the energy of his companions and the inhabitants of the earth, as well as a greater ability finally it was possible to defeat the planet eater. Currently, the story is moving towards yet another narrative arc dedicated to Granolla the Survivor, a new character from Dragon Ball Super that we recently saw in color and that appears to be looking for OG73-I, a soldier who came out of the galactic Prison liberation became a request made by Molo.

However, before we continue with new battles, we have the opportunity to watch the Z-Warriors as they go Celebrate the defeat of the previous antagonist. In particular, we see the group of protagonists who want to eat and have fun. Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, Jaco and the Galactic Patrol are also honored Merus. The latter had given his life during the clash with the mighty enemy and at the end of the same was revived without his own angelic powers, thereby continuing to fulfill his role as a galactic patrol.

So we were able to see how the heroes of the saga created by Akira Toriyama succeed enjoy the moments of peace before the arrival of a new threat presented in the new part of the story of Dragon Ball Super, which, however, could be a fallback.

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