As all fans are sure to know, the epic franchise is from Dragon ball continues to engage millions and millions of readers and viewers through the narrative events Dragon Ball Super, a work that is still being talked about, one chapter at a time.

Indeed, the series continues on its way boldly, continuing to feature twists and turns, memorable clashes, and well-defined characters, all pillars of a production that doesn't seem interested in giving its audience a single moment of calm that lingers on in praise of the production Cosplay and great fan art.

However, the final chapter of the manga was a key moment for the series as a well-known character was officially eliminated. We take a closer look at Merus, the Galactic Patrol and head of 104 Districts of the Seventh Universe, who the fans got to know very well as the narrated events continued. Indeed, on the last pages of the last published chapter, It is possible to see Moro launch a very powerful attack against Merus, essentially evaporating, a twist Goku experienced in utter helplessness.

The event itself was seen with some pain by the fans, but in reality it was the words of Beerus and Whis that sparked the anger of the audience. Indeed to respond to what was happening before their eyes Both the God of Destruction and Whis have shown little interest in anythingas if they expected such a result, an insensitivity and coldness that has led many users to throw all their anger on social media, according to the source of this news.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that in the final chapters of Dragon Ball Super it was also revealed what connection Goku has with Beerus, a revelation that has amazed many readers.

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