The June appointment of Dragon Ball great has finally put the spotlight on a new fight between the two protagonists against Gas, Elec's henchman, with a strong desire that made him extremely powerful and dangerous. But can we consider the Heeters member a real villain?

Just like in the beginning of the current arc, like Granolah, readers wonder if that's really the case gas can be considered a villain in every sense. there Saga of Survivor Granolah introduced heatherthe group led by electr who seems to direct more than a few in-universe actions behind the scenes.

In fact, he himself expressed a desire to make Gas the strongest individual in the universe, although Elec's true request to the Cereal Dragon is currently unknown. The warrior of the Heeters was cornered by Goku and Vegeta in Chapter 85, forcing the leader to intervene to empower his henchman's soul and spirit in front of everyone Maki and oil not exactly convinced of Elec's approach. Likely the latter entails plans that are not yet known to us, and gas may be nothing more than a simple tool to achieve those goals. After all, the warrior, Maki, and Oil appear to be bound by genuine friendship, all but their own leader.

Therefore, in light of recent events, it seems legitimate to consider Gas not a real villain, but one Victim of the plans of the leader of the Heeters. But then the question spontaneously arises: Why do everyone obey his commands so faithfully? Let us know what you think of these considerations by commenting below.

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