From the very beginning when Vegeta was training with Lord Beerus, the Granolah saga revolves around the concept of Saiyan pride and a sense of belonging to his race. With the Chapter 84 of Dragon Ball Superthe two protagonists finally discover the true meaning of these terms.

In the course of the various fights, both Goku and Vegeta have experienced forgot the meaning of Saiyan pride, which is not just the irrepressible desire to fight and push yourself beyond all limits. But after facing a new path of becoming one student of an angel and the other student of a god of destruction, the two have to grapple with their pasts once again. In Dragon Ball Super 84, they discover the value of Saiyan pride.

After reliving the fight between Bardock and Gas, Goku and Vegeta guess the mistake they made. But it is Monaito to teach them the final lesson. The elder Namek utters meaningful words that eventually allow the two Z warriors of Dragon Ball Super to form a divine team.

Baddack's will was passed down to subsequent Saiyan generations. The pride of a people is not in atoning for the sins of the past, as Vegeta believed instead. Nor is it about revenge, as Granolah attempted. It is all about accepting one's nature without abstaining from one's beliefs. This applies to all humans, not just the Saiyans. What drives Goku and Vegeta now is the sheer will to win.

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