Chapter 74 of Dragon Ball Super has finally landed on MangaPlus and has shown the continuation of the fight between the protagonists and the survivor Granolah. Some leaks in the past few days they had expected important news for Vegeta, and luckily the new version didn't disappoint.

Chapter 74 begins immediately after the final scene of Chapter 73, in which the cereleans flee the capital due to the strong tremors caused by the long battle between Goku and Granolah. The protagonist was defeated by the mercenary after using his true power. but he was saved at the last moment by Vegeta saved, sure he can win the fight.

In Chapter 74 Vegeta continues to provoke Granolahthat mergers, clones, and other tricks don't work against him. Granolah answers that he intended to keep 100% of his power in order to defeat Freezer, and that this is the only reason he chose not to fight Goku right away. Vegeta tries to explain to his opponent that he was still a child when Freezer attacked Cereal and that the Saiyajins have nothing to do with his revenge, but Granolah does not want to hear any reasons and describes the prince as a coward.

After transforming into Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta begins to hit the opponent with powerful balls of energy, which Granolah collects with no particular difficulty. Want to demonstrate the difference in strength between the two the mercenary starts playing with VegetaHe hits him again and again with terrifying melee attacks and thus manages to exhaust him. Vegeta tries to use the environment to his advantage plunge into a river and force Granolah to follow it, but Cereal's survivor is not trapped, and with the help of his monocle, he hits Vegeta from a distance with a precise and deadly beam of energy.

Granolah reaches out to an exhausted Vegeta, praises him for his perseverance, and says that he is surprised at the strength of the Saiyans. However, Vegeta still seems to have an ace up his sleeve, and after admitting that Granolah's strength and technique are superior to him at the moment, he orders the opponent to keep fighting, saying that Regardless of the difference in strength, he will triumph.

As the fight continues, Vegeta slowly begins to fill the void, saying that its strength continues to grow with the seconds. Granolah does not understand what the words of the Saiyan prince mean, who, besides hitting the opponent, also starts making him nervous and throws Balls of energy towards the ruins of his ancient city. Vegeta realizes that Granolah only gained his power a few days ago and begins to use his vast experience to infuriate the opponent.

Vegeta's point is simple: Granolah's power is definitely superior, but his experience is practically zero due to a lack of trainingwhich is why a warrior like him can make him nervous and find weak spots. Despite everything, Granolah manages to punch the Saiyan in the stomach, causing him to lose his transformation and, at least apparently, defeat him.

When Goku wakes up, Vegeta slowly begins to grow his ki. The Saiyan prince says he is glad he has no one to protect and that he can devote himself entirely to fighting, and as his energy grows, Granolah realizes that something strange is about to happen. After a colossal surge of energy, Vegeta's Ki grows to the level of the gods. in a new, frightening transformation that can surprise even Goku Go. The prince is ready to show his true strength, a strength gained through training with Beerus and his superhuman efforts, in an epic battle that really could stay in the history of Dragon Ball.

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