Dragonball Super brought our heroes back in a new adventure set in the 10 years from the end of the Majin Buu saga to the end of "Z". But a few years have passed since the end of the new season and there is currently no news about the much speculated sequel.

Either way, opera fans don't have to wait long to see our heroes again, there TOEI animation working on it Dragon Ball Super: superhero, the new feature film coming to the big screen in 2022 that is sure to be talked about due to the new 3D graphics. In this context, yesterday at Comic Con in New York, the studio unveiled the film's new trailer, which gives a taste of the film's technical sector.

However, it remains interesting to note that the Dragon Ball Super Special debuted in Japan exactly 4 years ago with the two episodes 109 and 110 which were devoted to great fanfare Goku's first transformation into Ultra Instinct and his confrontation with Jiren. Two of the most viral episodes of the series that have traveled the world and captured all the major trends in social networks.

And on the other hand, did you remember that 4 years have passed since then? Let us know with a comment below.

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