Currently, the tentative name of the next film related to the Akira Toriyama franchise is titled Dragon Ball Super 2022, a title that is expected to change in the coming months. In addition to the release year 2022, TOEI Animation already seems to have an idea of โ€‹โ€‹when it will hit the big screen in Japan.

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is going to have some novelty aesthetically, or at least it can be seen from the words of Akira Toriyama on the occasion of the announcement of the feature film. As far as we know, by gathering clues circulated on the internet, TOEI could assist artificial intelligence in relation to one of the sentences of the production, probably related to the background of the anime experiment with the title URVAN.

In any case, we won't get more details until later, when the studio decides to reveal the first clues about the film. One of them was leaked from the company's latest financial reports in this regard, which have entered the exit window of Dragon Ball Super 2022 during or after the second quarter of 2022. In short, the film will therefore be released between April and December, just like the previous feature film.

So we'll just have to wait for updates, but until then we encourage you to stay on our pages daily to keep up to date with the new movie in the franchise.

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