Due to the increasing skills and powers of characters in the world of Dragon ballThe use of traditional weapons could hardly help the protagonists. However, there are some who have become icons in the series, this is the case with the Nyoi stick.

From the first pages of Akira Toriyama's manga, Goku was in possession of his own weapon, the Nyoi stick, also called Magic Stick in the Italian adaptation of the anime. It was a gift from the deceased Son Gohan, Saiyan's adoptive grandfather, and allowed the protagonist to face numerous armed enemies at a young age. The stick is, in fact, tough enough to counteract the blades, and has the ability to do so stretch disproportionately This allows the wearer to increase the range of his attacks. In the battle with Toninjinka, Goku will use the latter ability to reach the moon even from the surface of the earth.

The real story of the gun was later revealed during the events: it was in fact from Property of Karin, the cultivator of the Senzu, and was used for Connect its tower to the temple of God. By placing the stick on the ancient anthropomorphic cat's apartment and lengthening it, you can reach the residence of the god of the earth. Karin later entrusted the Nyoi to Master Roshi, who gave it to his friend Son Gohan.

While in the first series of Dragon ball The stick is often seen in the boy's hands with the aim of taking out various enemies. In the Z series, due to the dizzying increase in characters' strength, the weapon loses its effectiveness, and it's rare to see it connecting the two buildings we talked about above. The truth is This use is also becoming less important with the art of flying that all protagonists of the manga have learned.

Despite the sporadic appearances, the Nyoi remains a characteristic weapon of the series That stuck on the minds of all fans and still appears in many of the franchise's video games today. Even the non-canon Dragon Ball GT shows the stick in the series finale, which represents a final connection between Goku and the person who raised him.

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