The reboot of Digimon Adventures it stopped due to the spread of COVID-19, which also affected the release on the market of the new Digivices. According to the latest report of With the Will, the pre-order window has been postponed from the initial date of June 2nd to the 26th of the same month.

Fortunately, this is not an excessive postponement. Several products that have seen the same fate do not currently benefit from a precise launch date. The new Digivices will be a replica of those present within the animated series reboot, and will be able to light up with the 8 colors of DigiDestini.

It is not clear when the animated series will return to broadcast again, however in recent days the Japanese government is seriously thinking of lifting the state of emergency in the Tokyo metropolis to enter phase 1.

A scheduled reopening is foreseen, e in the coming weeks we will also be able to see concrete developments on the animation front.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer: the manga returns with a special chapter. The original authors of the work will take care of it, Izawa will write the screenplay while Tenia Yabuno will take care of the artistic sector. What is the best Digimon of all time? Fans have compiled their personal Top 10.

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