Digimon Adventure Final development Kizuna has finally landed elsewhere in the world thanks to its home video release and fans have wasted no time recreating the latest installment in the Digimon Adventure franchise. What happens to Digimon when their partner grows up? Here is the terrible end of the monsters.

With the producers' decision to grow the iconic digipiretti, the latest feature film associated with the franchise took an unexpected turn. definitely more mature and particularly intense atmospheres. To this end, the staff at TOEI Animation had no problems introducing a new type of transformation for the Digimon.

However, at the end of the final gruesome battle, a strange countdown was running through the digivices. In fact, very soon the protagonists will realize that this is nothing more than the time that separates them from the end of the bond with their monsters, since the energy that fed them, that of childhood, is now completely exhausted. with adulthood. However, the work takes a dark turn, as it not only breaks the bond with the partner and the direct separation of a person in their respective world, but rather it will directly destroy the very existence of the Digimon itself which will permanently disappear.

A tragic and especially sad ending for all those creatures who have accompanied the Digipirected and millions of fans over the years. Instead, what do you think of this uncomfortable ending? Let us know with a comment below.

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