Started in 2009, Sword Art Online is one of the happiest light novel series on the Japanese scene. Reki Kawahara has achieved enormous worldwide success thanks to the adventures of Kirito and Asuna, and although the work is still ranked among the best isekai, the artist has decided to devote himself to another series, Dragon's Crest.

According to the first details released by Dengeki Bunko, Kadokawa's label for publishing light novels, the author has in fact shared on social networks the illustration of the cover of the first volume, whose the release is scheduled for November 10, 2022 in Japan. Signed by the artist Yukiko Horiguchi, who will accompany Kawahara on this new journey, the illustration you will find below features the protagonist Yuma Ashihara and his charming partner Sumika Watamaki.

As stated in the second part of @MangaMoguraRE's post, the story revolves around a world in rvirtual reality that merges with reality when a group of teenagers try to get out of the game. Let us know what you expect from Kawahara's new work and what you think of the illustration in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that a work of art has been published for the 10 years of Sword Art Online and we leave you the ranking of the best episodes of Sword Art Online.

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