Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba destroyed every more optimistic forecast last year when, while starting quietly for the presence of anime world champions such as One-Punch Man and The Attack of the Giants, he carved out his space up to become a worldwide phenomenon. In 2020 it is reaping the benefits of this success.

In fact, fans from all over the world are staying dedicating particularly to Demon Slayer and, pending the film that will arrive later this year unless new postponements, they prepare cosplay and fan art of all kinds. Sometimes, however, the results that come out of the fans' mind are particularly bizarre.

Demon Slayer and Dragon Ball have indeed joined in a fan art. The fan Micchiy0829 has in fact decided to take two characters from these universes and merge them. The choice fell on two figures, however, both in character and physique are completely at the antipodes: Nezuko and Broly. You will wonder, what do these two characters have in common? The answer is probably nothing, so the fan art you can see at the bottom is really bizarre and has a strange effect.

The Nezuko's face and hair were drawn in the classic Dragon Ball style and stick on Broly's hyper muscular body. The result is between the disturbing and the sympathetic. Most likely the effect is the same as Nezuko's low cost cosplay.

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