Ryo Saeba is a name inextricably linked to the 80s, a time when author Tsukasa Hojo showed his skills by publishing several manga in Weekly Shonen Jump. One of his most famous works is just that city ​​hunter whereby the Tokyo mercenary is hired to take care of various affairs.

Although this story belongs to the 80's, it was recently revived with the good movie City Hunter Shinjuku Private Eyes, an adventure that brought Ryo Saeba with another story in high definition. But his career is far from over, as was expected a few months ago. There was actually another film for City Hunter to celebrate 35 years of the series.

If there was only a teaser before, now there is one too Poster for City Hunter the film which, judging by the subtitle, will be the final stage of Ryo Saeba's career. Below, published by the Sugoi Lite channel, you can see them Key visual of the final chapter of City Hunter, which will be released in 2023 in Japan. Of course, the main scenario will always be Tokyo when the Japanese capital hosts Ryo Saeba for the last time.

are you ready for the final phase of the City Hunter story?

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