As of last year, Sui Ishida, Mangaka known for his multi-year work on the Tokyo Ghoul, announced that he was working on a new project. After months of waiting, interspersed with brief sketches and glimpses, Ishida revealed Choujin X.

The manga was made available completely surprisingly and without advertising of any kind on Tonari no Young Jump in Japan and on MangaPlus in Europe. Here it is What happens in the first chapter of Choujin X..

A little girl on an airplane is talking to an old woman about the competition she is going to enter, while a man stands next to her seat and starts screaming and asking the old woman to move. However, it takes too long for the old woman to loosen the belt, and the man becomes impatient and suddenly changes his expression. Suddenly the plane fills with flames and nearby passengers are charred.

On the ground, Tokyo Kurohara, a 16-year-old student in the class, watches the plane crash. After school, she runs into some thugs harassing a girl and calls her childhood friend and Karateka Azuma to help her. Azuma proves to be a cut above his opponents and breaks both arms of the hooligan who runs away with the rest of the group. The two spend the afternoon watching him destroyed the skyline of their prefecture when they talked about the ChoujinBeings who are endowed with superhuman powers and can cause destruction.

Meanwhile, the hooligan is desperate after his injuries when a man comes up to him with an injection and claims he can cure him. At home, Tokyo looks back on a few moments he spent with Azuma, including a moment at the zoo where he was called Vulture. The next day, Tokyo and Azuma volunteer to help the plane crash survivors and meet the hooligan and his group again on their return. The boy is completely healed and actually shows a completely elastic and extendable body that he uses to beat Azuma: became a choujinand start to lose my mind

After killing his men, the thug prepares to kill Azuma, but Tokyo manages to take him away by throwing himself into the water. The two boys save themselves and come across the syringes the thug was using to turn his friends into Choujin, and the two decide to use them on them. When the choujin arrives, a Tokyo turned into a human vulture knocking him over. While Azuma is unconscious on the ground, the scene changes and lets us watch the city, which concludes the first chapter of the manga.

Choujin X has an irregular cadenceTherefore, the release date of the next chapter has not been announced.

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