The debut of the anime adaptation of chainsaw man it exceeded even the wildest expectations. Studio MAPPA has created a series of flakes that are perfect in every way, including the musical ones. Here are some soundtrack secrets from the author of one of the closing theme songs.

Given the overwhelming popularity of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga series, Studio MAPPA decided to produce on a large scale, including a different ending theme for each episode. The eighth ending of Chainsaw Man is "first death" by TK, aka di Toru Kitajima.

In a recent interview, TK revealed that he didn't know if his song would actually be used in the anime and was working hard to focus on it The song had affinity with the series.

Kitajima revealed that he doesn't read manga, but that the various commercials for the anime put a heavy emphasis on writing the theme song. He also revealed that his style is very similar to that of Chainsaw Man and that hasn't changed his way of making music for the project. He simply expressed the beauty of the work by addressing her sincerely. We say goodbye to this nice quiz about Chainsaw Man that will determine which character of work you are.

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