L'Anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man was one of the big news of the Fall 2022 season. However, the journey of Denji and the public safety devil hunters is drawing to a close, but not before giving fans a chance to enjoy a new wonderful ending theme.

In anticipation of the release of Chainsaw Man 1x12, an episode that will close the doors of the anime's first season, Studio MAPPA, the animation studio behind the majestic production of the adaptation, has released the uncredited version of theeleventh closing theme.

In Chainsaw Man 1x11 i Public safety survivors launch their own counterattack to the Yakuza men hired by the Devil Pistol. With the fight ending in bloodshed and Aki seeming to have the worst of it, the episode ends with ending number 11.

The ending theme of 11th Chainsaw Man is "Violence" by Queen Bee. At the top of the article is the clip of the song showing the members of the Tokyo Devil Hunters' Fourth Division of the Public Security in turn. On a black and white background we therefore find Denji, Aki, Power and Makima, but also the now deceased Himeno, Kobeni and curiously also Galgali, the Majin Violence introduced in the episode in question.

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