Since the beginning of the anime season in fall 2022, the Chainsaw Man mania. The animated adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto's work, produced by MAPPA Studio, has garnered a wide audience and is a candidate for becoming the best product in a season of excellent anime.

The last released episode of the series namely Chainsaw Man 1x06 saw the protagonist Denji have very intimate moments with the Majin perfomance and with Makima. The two female protagonists of Chainsaw Man give free rein to the boy's fantasies, with the clear aim of being able to use his powers.

According to the popularity of the character, the Japanese magazine UOMO decided to bring power to the cover of the first issue of 2023, which will be released on November 25th in Japan. For those who haven't heard of it, UOMO is a magazine for men between 30 and 40 that mainly deals with fashion and luxury brands.

You can see the cover of HUSBAND with power at the end of this message. Smiling against a red background, Majin holds several envelopes, a clear sign that she's back from a day of unbridled shopping. In the last few days, Chainsaw Man's Aki Hayakawa had also conquered a Japanese magazine that featured on the cover with a great close-up.

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