Last August, writer Warren Ellis was banned from the Castlevania production for serious sexual harassment. The author defended himself by calling himself innocent, but However, Netflix was forced to release him from the postand entrusted his duties to the director Sam Deats.

Today, on the launch day of Castlevania 4, executive producer Kevin Klode confirmed it However, the studio decided to use Ellis' script for the final seasonnot finding it right to make changes to his work. Additionally, Netflix has decided not to remove the author's name and has named him in the opening credits as writer, writer and executive producer.

Last summer, around 60 employees accused Ellis of sexual harassment and abuse of power, particularly against younger female employees. The author had called himself innocent claim "never forcing anyone to manipulate or abuse". In the absence of evidence, Netflix still felt it was right not to make any changes to its work.

The last ten episodes of Castlevania are now available on Netflix. If you want to get an idea of ​​the quality of last season we recommend checking out our Castlevania 4 preview. For more information on the next powerhouse work, check out the latest statements from Netflix.

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