Featuring the clash between Kawaki and the masked man staged in Boruto 269Arch of the Ninja Academy it now appeared to be closed, as were the investigations filed by Konoha and the Country of Bamboo. However, the dark case of Princess Kae's assassination is far from solved.

At the direct request of the Country of Bamboo, the Leaf Village approved the case as closed. However, Kawaki, despite being removed from office, He has a hard time believing that the story really went that way. So he goes back to school the day after the accident.

The boys from the ninja academy also find the teacher Hana, who was also involved in the accident. The injured Sensei doesn't remember anything of what happened but when she meets Kawaki for some reason Terrible scenes appear in his mind. A long run leads them to a mysterious room, a hidden chamber where masks and weapons are hidden. In Boruto 270 we discover a two-sided medal. She is actually Kae's killer.

As Hana looks in the mirror, she finally realizes what is happening to her. Victim of terrible abuse when he was little he created one double personality working as a hitman for his superiors. Hana's bad personality finally takes over this time, determined to complete the assignment. Kae's life is in danger again, will Kawaki be able to fight his own teacher?

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