The plot of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is shrouded in a thick veil of fog. There are still many doubts. Why will Boruto and Kawaki face each other and what will happen to Hokage and Konoha? The answer to these questions may lie in the character of Amado.

Since his debut, Amado has emerged as one of the The most enigmatic characters that have ever appeared throughout the series. Originally Jigen's sidekick and scientist to Kara, who was responsible for the "creation" of Delta, Code, Boro, and Kawaki, he eventually betrayed the organization by taking the latter to Konoha and killing Jigen.

However, he later betrayed the trust of the village that hosted him by restoring karma to Kawaki. As if that wasn't enough in Boruto 76, he hid the truth about Eida's powers. What are you plotting in the dark it is currently a mystery.

A mad community theory has attempted to explain the scientist's movements. Amado is actually the Kawaki of the future, who went back in time and hid his identity from everyone. Likely in the Amado/Kawaki timeline, the Otsutsuki finally prevailed and went back in time as the sole survivor to remedy the situation by changing the course of things. As we can see in the image at the end of the article, the Similarity between Kawaki and Amado It is clearly outlined and makes the scientist look like an older version of the Karma Bearer. What do you think of this theory, maybe Boruto's Jougan is somehow related to this hypothetical story?

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