The history of Boruto: Naruto the next generations has recently reached a sensational turning point where it has become difficult to pinpoint exactly who is the strongest ninja. However, the evidence available to us is still sufficient to be able to draw conclusions.

Masashi Kishimoto he had to work hard to get something out of the spotlight a Sasuke and Naruto, two too powerful ninjas who made it difficult for Boruto, the actual protagonist of the spin-off sequel, to create great potential for improvement. For this reason, he took the ace in the hole from the two leaders of Konoha: the nine-tailed fox and the Rinneganer.

Sasuke has due to the advent of. actually lost the use of his left eye Momoshikiwhile Kurama sacrificed himself to buy Naruto valuable time against Isshiki. Given these losses, who is the strongest ninja now? In reality, it is necessary to remember that both Sasuke and Naruto are still two very powerful characters, albeit weakened.

The Uchiha should still be able to use the Six Paths techniques as other characters before him were able to use them without necessarily showing the Rinnegan. Not to mention that Sasuke can still boast of eternal hypnotic sharing and a brilliant strategic mind. However, the Hokage can still count the chakra of the remaining 8 pieces without forgetting the use of hermit mode. Therefore, the two remain Boruto’s strongest ninja, albeit severely weakened for narrative reasons.

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