The animated series by Boruto: Naruto the next generations He's finally taking action by getting viewers to learn more about the Kara organization and its dark plan. But among the outsiders of this criminal group, a hero of the fourth great ninja war is hiding in a sensational way.

Ao had miraculously survived the attack by Madara Uchiha and had returned to the Leaf Village while remembering the victims of Doctor Katasuke's struggle to monitor his technological systems. Its intentions, however, are They were very differentand: the shinobi of the fog wanted to kill the scientist if he remembered a certain moment.

As highlighted in the anime's latest episodes, Ao is indeed an outsider of the Kara organization and came to kill to achieve the goal that Kashin Koji had given him. But what made him join the criminal group?

In the promo of episode 186 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, published by Twitter user Boruto 4 Life, we see the former war hero fighting Team 7 and reveals that Kara did so given a new purpose in life as well as higher level cybernetic implants. His terrifying statements in Boruto show how he gave up his ninja life. Ao actually only considers itself an object in the service of Jigen. Boruto episode 189 will adapt part of the manga.

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