The newest story arc of the manga of Boruto: Naruto the next generations led the opera's protagonists to an otsutsuki. Isshiki wanted to use the powers of Kawaki's karma to bring the divine tree back to life. At the end of a complex battle, he was defeated. But there is no time to rest for the Leaf Ninja.

Boruto chapter 55 prompted the seventh to say Hokage Goodbye to his greatest friendand deprived itself of part of its immense power. At the same time, Sasuke, surprised by the return of Momoshiki Otsutsuki, who took possession of the young protagonist's body, was robbed of the Rinnegan. With the paper's two strongest heroes severely weakened, the village of Konoha is in great danger.

On the pages of the manga it has already been revealed who it will be Boruto's next opponent and other young ninjas who have to stand up as the new defenders of their village. Isshiki's legacy was taken up by Code, the last intern of the Kara organization.

Apparently code is too in possession of karmaHowever, the brand has a particularity that sets it apart from those of Boruto and Kawaki. The white variant of the seal indicates that Kara's intern is a failed ship that is not worth hosting an otsutsuki.

However, Code is eager to complete his former guide's food mission the fruits of the divine tree so he can transform into an otsutsuki. Masashi Kishimoto had no alternative to continue Boruto's tale; It really is like that?

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