The ship saga of Boruto Continue by showing us new characters from the Kara organization and introducing us to the mysterious Kawaki who will soon meet the protagonist face to face. So the first meeting between the two took place.

In earlier episodes of the series, Team 7 had to face AoThe veteran of the village of mist, who despite his participation in the fourth great ninja war together with the Shinobi Alliance, turned out to be a traitor and a member of the Kara organization due to some circumstances recently revealed in Boruto. Later the Konoha warriors had to face them Kashin Koji, a powerful enemy who can use techniques Boruto's father knows and who amazes everyone present.

After surviving this final clash as well, the boys and Konohamaru wonder why the area they are in is monitored by the opposing group and in the meantime arrives at a place where apparently there was a fight going on. It is located in a large crater that the protagonists then see Kawaki.

At the end of this message I report some pictures of the scene in question, in which Boruto watches the unconscious boy and later approaches the latter. The Hokage's son notices that the mysterious young man is presenting him same symbol he has that alone.

Although Kawaki is still unconscious, he finally seems to be part of the following stories about the Leaf Village ninja. Did you wait for his arrival? Let us know in the comments.

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