The last chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have brought many changes to the series' narrative, especially regarding Masashi Kishimoto's original work. The rise of such a powerful enemy as Isshiki Otsutsuki and the threat from the Kara organization disrupt the leaf village.

The chapter begins with the clash between Isshiki in Jigen's body and Jiraiya's clone, Koji Kashin, a battle planned by Kara's scientific director. Amado who is currently next to Naruto in Konoha and has left the organization.

The clash actually wanted Amado to release Isshiki's full potential through Jigen's body and to eliminate all other karma brands that Otsutsuki can use to revive other guests. Isshiki He is weak and vulnerable and faces Kashin directly He teleports himself to the doors of the leaf village.

Just before this happens, Amado tells Naruto and Sasuke that they are the only ones able to stop the enemy and when the young Boruto persistently and immaturely asks the father to take part in the clash Sasuke steps in and says they are ready to die for Konohaand then ask the genin if he is ready to lose his life for the village.

This sentence not only underscores the profound change that has taken place for the last Uchiha clan, but also makes the Isshiki threat real Chance to see Naruto or Sasuke die. Because of the dangerous nature of these developments, even a comparison with Pain for the destruction of Konoha has been made, and we leave you to an analysis of the power of Isshiki.

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