With the beginning of the ship's narrative arc Boruto and his teammates from Team 7 had to face a formidable opponent. It seems he won't be the only one, but some members of the Kara organization are about to hit the scene. Let's find out together.

In the last few episodes, Naruto's son and friends were sent on a mission by the Hokage himself to save Konhamaru. But they were waiting for her Ao, Shinobi from the village of fog and survivor of the fourth great ninja war, was exposed as a traitor and sent by the Kara organization to prevent anyone from approaching the vehicle in which the ship is located. The man confronts the protagonists with several Ninja Scientific Tools and recently in the Boruto anime, he also revealed the reasons that led him to switch sides.

Unfortunately, the war veteran may not be the only opponent, an advertisement for the series actually revealed some information about upcoming characters that will show up. As you can see in the tweet posted at the end of this news, it seems that way KawakiThe boy named "Vessel" is ready to step onto the scene, and with him some members of Kara, including Amado, the organization's creator of ninja tools, Boro, a warrior with incredible regeneration skills and the mysterious Kashin Koji, a man able to use techniques similar to Rasengan.

What do you think about it? What do you think the enemy's next steps will be? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I remember that the recap of episode 189 showed the first fight of one of the protagonists of Boruto.

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