Just like in Naruto Shippuden's Akatsuki, Victor and Deepa had led us to believe that the Dawn Organization also moved in pairs. But when the mysterious and lonely Kashin Koji appeared to reverse that trend, Delta and Code formed a duo again. How does it work? Interior of Kara in Boruto?

The animated series from Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations was finally brought to life by introducing the Kara Organization, the greatest threat the Leaf Village has ever faced. But although now all the members of the criminal group are known, the dynamic is objective and internal You still remain a mystery.

On the final episode, viewers saw Team 7 collide with a shinobi threat connected to Kara by external means. Therefore, the organization can also take into account the so-called outsiders. The main threat, however, remains the interior, including the Delta and Code.

This duo doesn't have to be show what they are capable ofBut because of the trust they put in themselves, they seem very dangerous. However, it seems clear that due to their numerous exchanges, they will act in pairs.

Unlike the Dawn Organization, which is split into twos, Kara seems to be leaving Freedom for their members. When Victor and Deepa moved in pairs while fighting separately, Kashin Koji preferred to move alone. What will the remaining criminal ninja do? In the meantime, a love confession has been omitted from the Boruto anime. Ao has pulled the deadliest scientific instrument from its sheath in Boruto.

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